Riverside Media Services is a full service media company providing affordable options for all your Real Estate and architectural photography needs.

  • High resolution still photography

  • Expert photo retouching (Photoshop) 

  • Twilight photography

  • Virtual Staging 


  • Aerial photography

  • Virtual video tours (from still photos)

  • Full motion video tours

  • 360°panoramic/VR tours

​We believe in capturing the design and details in every property no matter how small or large. We are efficient, creative, receptive, and not afraid to be unconventional when the situation calls for it. Please allow us to help you make a great first impression!

Joe Puglise - Architectural / Real Estate Photography

Joe Puglise is a multiple National Emmy Award winning media veteran with over 30 years photography, video and broadcast experience. His unique pedigree enables him to quickly focus on a subject and share its inherent qualities visually, through his very personal and engaging images.


Sometimes it is as important to sell the location as it is to sell the property. As a 20 year resident of Wayne IL, Joe is well acclimated to the sights and local color of the Fox Valley area. Documenting our scenic suburban communities and their structures through clean and creative photography is a passion for Joe and his love of design, style and imagery combined with his experience and technical skills, is what makes his photography stand out in the crowd. 




Regardless of your property size, our photo packages include as many photographs as needed to show the property at it's best. Images are delivered via our secure downloadable link and are usually available within 24-48 hours. MLS and FULL resolution files are provided as needed. Custom web pages, print and brochure services are also available.  


Virtual tours are videos built from still photographs. They can be useful to simulate a visual walk through of the property. These tours include a custom graphics open, a background music bed, camera motion on all photos in the tour and smooth transitions between shots. Links to the finished tour are provided in any resolution needed and iFrame embed code is provided if needed. We can also create a custom webpage viewer that can contain photos, property information branding if needed. 



For Real Estate and Architectural work, full motion video can greatly enhance the viewing experience by adding a"first person" perspective. From basic video shots to elaborate cinematic visuals, Beautiful walk-through, fly-through, aerial and boom shots tell the story of your property with a smooth cinematic look that greatly enhances both its appearance and  appeal. Pricing is on an individual basis and based upon the amount and type of video tour requested.


A truly amazing experience! Shot using special equipment to record 360° spherical panoramas of each room, this tour provides total immersion into each living space of the property giving the viewer full control to look around in any direction they desire.  Additional photos, close-ups, documents and even videos can also be incorporated as well! The tour is compatible with smart phones, desktop computers and even VR goggles! The finished link can be used anywhere and can also be embedded via i Frame code if desired. 


Virtual staging does not just fill an empty room, it provides potential buyers with an idea of how the space might be used if they lived there. It provides a warmer more inviting perspective of the living space. One of the best ways to sell a property is to make potential buyers feel as if the home is perfect for them, this is harder to convey with an unfurnished space. Let us breath life into your empty rooms and help the buyer envision the possibilities. 


One of the most important factors in selling a property is the buyers first impression. Good photography is THE most influential tool in making a good first impression.  If home-buyers aren’t sold on the images they see online, chances are they will move on.  With great looking photos, we can help present your property in a way that will make a tremendous positive impact on potential buyers. Professional photography helps to sell a property faster and for more money. You cannot sell a house to someone who doesn’t contact you, and you will be contacted more often with our great looking images!

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help sell you property.

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